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Take 75 Central to Royal Lane Exit go South on the Service Road past Royal and Before Meadow, it's on the right hand side.

Dallas Texas

Sunday SOS Meeting


Central & Meadow

7:00 PM




SOS would like to be all inclusive and never ask anyone to leave ever..

The reality is that there are people who would take advantage of our good nature and our desire to help.

SOS is not anarchy we do have some guide lines and if we feel someone is here to disrupt or harm the goals of SOS Abstinence Self-Empowerment -- being the top two but not limited to just those. We have the right to ask anyone to leave peaceably and if necessary we will exert the right to remove them forcibly or using the local police force as a last resort if a request to leave fails.

Sincerely Yours

Duaine M.

Founder of SOS Dallas..



We have been given a table in the back corner or in the back room.  
Ask up front where the meeting is.  So far we have had lots of privacy.
Or we have been given the back room all to our selves.
Privacy - Coffee - Food - Dessert
Take 75 Central to Royal Lane Exit go South on the Service Road past Royal and Before Meadow, it's on the right hand side.


We are looking for another Meeting Place.  
Check Back or leave your phone #.

The Dallas Phone Contact is 972-272-7331

Get on our SOS Dallas reminder list.  That way you will be kept up to date. and ask to be put on the reminder list.

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