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Classics of Sobriety

by Jim Christopher (SOS Founder)

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"Recovery Without Religion"
The book that started an international grass movement ! 
James Christopher describes his own « recovery without religion », 
focuses on practical aspects of his triumph over alcoholism and includes 
guidelines for the formation of SOS groups.


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Unhooked : "Staying Sober and Drug Free"
James Christopher recounts the evolution of SOS and details cases of recovery 
through the SOS approach. He invites the reader to sit in on a fictional SOS meeting, 
and offers further strategies for maintaining sobriety and self-respect.


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SOS Sobriety :
"The Proven Alternative to 12-Step Programes"

This book makes a stinging critique of « controlled drinking » programmes, 
as well as the drink industry and AA’s insistence that alcoholism is a behavioural problem. 
Shows the truth that addiction is rooted in physiology and genetics. 
Focuses on the limitations of AA/NA recovery programmes and the success of 
the SOS alternative, which is documented by two scientific studies, 
backed up by interviews with addiction experts and 
legal professionals and separate moving, individual, recovery stories.
All available for $15.95(plus $2.00 postage and handling) each from
SOS, Box 5, Buffalo, NY 14215.


Escape from Nicotine County
How to Stop Smoking Painlessly

Although Jim Christopher fervently asserts that alcohol or drug addiction cannot be slowly reduced 
and has to be stopped abruptly, in this new book on nicotine addiction, 
Certified Addictions Specialist, James Christopher explains one possible gradual method 
of quitting cigarettes, which worked for him.
Prometheus Books 59, John Glenn Drive, Amherst, New York NY 14228-2197

Also James Christopher has a Web Site with CD and DVD available


Audio & Videotapes

« Avoiding the Relapse Mode »
Powerful strategies for staying sober and clean. 
James Christopher gives many of his own tips for achieving a comfortable sobriety. 30 mins $7.95

« Empowerment Sobriety »
Self-empowerment through the Sobriety Priority/Separate issues through 
real life examples from James Christopher. 30 mins

« SOS Group Leaders’ Guide »
How to launch an SOS group and run and develop it. 
Role plays of typical meetings by SOS members.
45 mins ; $39.95

« The Sobriety Priority »
Fast moving, professional video gives newcomers 
and professionals an introduction to SOS. 14 mins $24.95
All available from SOS, Box 5, Buffalo, NY 14215-0005



A quarterly review which informs you of what's happening with 
SOS in other parts of the world, plus articles on recovery, 
relapse prevention, essays on sobriety, and new research into 
alcoholism and addiction, and much more.

Subscription rates - 1 year- $18,  2 years -$32, 3 years -$45.

Available from SOS, Box 5, Buffalo, NY 14215-0005


SOS On-Line Book Store

 Positive Reviews by SOS Members


Seeds of Sobriety: Practical Daily Readings for Alcoholics and Addicts

by Liz Purcell (Outskirts Press, 2006)

Austria  Canada  France  Germany  Japan  United Kingdom  United States

20% discount on 10 or more at


The main emphasis of Seeds of Sobriety is on the alcoholic's/addict's need to acknowledge their illness and prioritize their sobriety each day. Seeds of Sobriety also gives helpful hints on coping with different issues without drinking or using.

LIZ PURCELL is a freelance writer and long-time sober alcoholic. She is also a long-time member of Secular Organizations for Sobriety. 


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