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The First SOS Dallas Meeting Was Held July 7, 1987
SOS Dallas is still active but sadly SOS International is not active.
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Because of the Corona virus there are no face to face meetings until further notice.
We will be meeting every Sunday at 7:00 PM CT on Zoom Meeting ID 534-353-8724

James Christopher, Founder of SOS Dies at Seventy-Seven
Julia Lavarnway
From:Volume 40, No.6
October/November 2020
James Christopher, founder of Secular Organizations for
Sobriety (SOS), died July 9, 2020. He had been hospitalized after a stroke in late June. He was seventy-seven. Christopher's
article "Sobriety without Superstition" appeared in the Summer
1985 issue of Free Inquiry. In that article, Christopher told his story of addiction and sobriety. He also lamented that...
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This is all I could find on James Christopher's Death.
If you want to read the rest of this from Free Inquiry looks like you will have to pay.

The SOS International web site is down  and no explanation.

SOS is gone except for a very, very few local groups. There is no International presence of any kind.

Part of the World Wide Family of Save Our Selves

Each person is the leader 
in his or her own sobriety.  Each Group as each person is separate yet a part of SOS.

SOS has no central apparatus, 
hierarchical structures of authoritarian leaderships.  
Each individual is a leader in his or her own sobriety.  Our philosophy is that each individual is unique and should therefore find and fashion their own road to sober living and a full life.  We have no interest in members private beliefs or lifestyles.  All groups are independent and work together as a voluntary association of free-thought groups.

Our mission is recovery.  
This is an abstinence Group.  There is no hidden agenda

SOS Save Our Selves 
offers an Alternative Self-Empowering approach to sobriety  In SOS Meetings we build a safe environment where there is NO Criticism of each others choices of recovery.   
I know that in a recovery group there will be people with differing views on religion.  There will be people with different views on politics.  To keep our focuses on recovery and keep our religious and political views intact, free from criticism or to have members trying to convert us to their religion, or politics.  It is in the best interest of the group and each of us that our religious or non religious beliefs be expressed with like minded people out side of meetings.

There will be no promotion of drug use.  

This is a Abstinence Group.  
I will repeat SOS is a Abstinence Group.

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