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Save Our Selves

SOS Save Our Selves E-Support Group
SOS E-Mail Chat Group
This is a email support group setup to meet the needs of those who are not able to make it to a face to face SOS Meeting, or to use it along with regular meetings.  There will be those of you that may find this to be your first and only recovery support group.  We are each unique.  Recovery in any form is Recovery.
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SOS Women E-Support Group

SOS Women

SOS Women E-Support Group
This is a email SOS Women support group setup to meet the needs of Women in recovery who are not able to make it to a face to face SOS Women Meeting, or to use it along with regular meetings.  There will be those of you that may find this to be your first and only recovery support group.  We are each unique.  Recovery in any form is Recovery.

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SOS Dallas E-Group
SOS Dallas E-Support Group
This group will list local meeting times, Places where meetings are being held, Contact Info., Calendars & Posting when a Face to Face meeting can't be attended.

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